Production Center

The CET Imaging Technology Center was completed in 2018 and is responsible for the manufacture of high-quality products for all CET branches and valued customers. It occupies over 100,000m2 and is located in Caofeidian High-Tech Industry park which is a World Trade Area. The technology center utilizes advanced management systems and automation which has provided an average output increase of 30% along with a monthly production capacity increase to more than 2 million products.

The CET Technology Center has 15 workshops dedicated to producing numerous injection and blow molded parts, fuser assemblies, drum units, toner and toner filling, heating elements, charge rollers and other key replacement items like paper feed rollers. Fully and semi-automated production helps to ensure consistently high, quality products. In addition to automated production lines, the company also utilizes automated spraying and baking lines and automated toner cartridge filling lines. Clean room environments are used for various manufacturing requirements and assembly processes for products such as toner and toner filling, drum units, fuser units and fixing films. CET’s production processes strictly follow ISO9001 quality management system guidelines, and significant investments are made each year to upgrade and improve training, facilities, equipment and automation.

PCR Workshop

The PCR (Primary Charge Roller) workshop was set up in 2018 and produces CET's internally developed primary charge rollers. The workshop utilizes advanced manufacturing techniques and is equipped with fully automatic rubber mixing and vulcanization equipment to ensure product quality and stability. The imported automatic wide grinder along with CNC machining ensures consistency of product shape, size and roughness. The PCR Workshop maintains a 100,000-level clean room with automatic spraying equipment and baking lines that help eliminate uncontrolled factors (defects) from the manufacturing process. The workshop is also equipped with high precision testing equipment to ensure product compatibility, stability and quality that is equal to OEM performance.

Toner Production Line

In 2019, CET officially took over the conventional toner production line from Mitsubishi Chemical High-Tech Co. (MTHC) in Joetsu, Japan including its facilities and employees. The operation of the line is led by an experienced team who is fully responsible for production management, facility operation and maintenance. CET continues to follow the high standard management system that was established to guarantee an output of 4,000 tons annually.

The raw materials used by CET to manufacture conventional toner are purchased from Japan’s top chemical raw material suppliers with whom CET Japan maintains a close working relationship. Rigorous material control and standardized management in manufacturing facilities and production systems, ensures the excellent performance of all CET toner products.

Fixing Roller Workshop

Our Fixing Roller Workshop was established in 2001 and is now (as of 2016) an almost fully-automatic production. It uses an automatic cleaning machine, an automatic baking machine, and an automatic spraying machine. The water that automatically cleans the machines is as pure as drinking water. All baking data is automatically recorded and involves no human intervention. Whenever the temperature is abnormal, an alarm will sound, and any excess heat is eventually reused to save energy and protect the environment. All products are sprayed evenly with imported, automatic spray guns, which helps to improve product consistency. The workshop also has two fully-enclosed clean rooms, sixteen employees, and the monthly output is 90,000-100,000 pieces. Our automatic production line has greatly reduced production cost, improved production efficiency, and improved quality stability. In the future, we will continue to improve by developing new products and materials.

Injection Molding Workshop

Our Injection Molding Workshop was established in 2007, and mainly produces plastic gears and structural parts for printers and copiers, as well as all types of thermosetting injection molding products. There are now fourteen injection molding machines, three 50T machines, four 80-100T machines, three 150T machines, three 300-380T machines, one vertical machine, three crushing machines, five mixing machines, three drying machines, and one dehumidifying dryer. The monthly production is up to one million pieces. At the end of 2011, all our injection molding machines were equipped with CET-developed manipulators, which help overcome the technical problems caused by artificial production processes, such as unstable processing and uneven product quality. These problems cannot be solved in many other injection molding facilities. We have more than thirty excellent injection employees with several years of working experience, eight senior technical and management personnel with over ten years of experience in the injection molding industry, and one senior process engineer, who can conduct professional analysis on injected-product defects and processes. We are a very strong professional team that can provide customers with continuous improvement of high-efficiency, high-quality products.

Machine Workshop

Our Machine Workshop was founded in 1999 and is mainly responsible for the production and improvement of various kinds of roller cores, the monthly output of which is 80,000 to 100,000. In 2015, our self-made roller core cutting machine was equipped, which effectively doubled our output. In addition, in 2016, our self-made upper roller equipment was installed in our engineering machines to produce more efficient fuser rollers.

Fuser Workshop

Our Fuser Workshop was established in 2005. Its main function is to produce brand-new fusers, fixing and heating assemblies, and thermistors, as well as to renovate older fusers. After eleven years of development, our fuser workshop has already become one of the core parts of our Xintron branch. Here, we have company-made fuser yield testing machines, which provide technical support for the development of brand-new fusers. We also have thermistor oscilloscopes and testing machines for heating elements, wire rods, etc., which help us to guarantee high-quality in our electronic components. All this equipment is available to test semi-finished products and raw materials, not just finished goods.

Sleeved Roller Workshop

Our Sleeved Roller Workshop was established in 1999, and mainly manufactures our upper and lower sleeved rollers. The monthly output is up to 50,000 pieces. In 2006, we installed automatic heating equipment, which shortened our curing rate and greatly increased output. In addition, we installed a core processor machine in 2008, which stabilized the bonding on our roller cores and made our brushing primer more efficient. In 2015, we introduced automatic gluing and molding equipment, which helped to reduce processing intensity and to improve monthly output. Furthermore, we started to use Dow Corning silicone, which helped to bond our parts more firmly. Because of these upgrades, we continue to improve the quality of raw materials.

Heating Element Workshop

Our Heating Element Workshop was established in 2014. This workshop uses ISO4 (level 10000) clean production, and temperature and humidity of the production environment is kept consistent all year-round. The operators strictly abide by the “dust-free room management regulations” and wear full sets of clean handling equipment to ensure the stability of product quality. To better improve the quality of products, we use advanced imported raw materials and international first-class brand equipment, which lead to high production efficiency, accuracy, and stability. Our monthly output is 20,000 pieces, and all products are strictly tested by high-level equipment imported from Japan and the United States. Our pass rate is more than 99%, which far exceeds industry standards. Additionally, the workshop provides screen printing services for other companies to create their own brands for their customers. In the future, this workshop will develop thick film technology to further consolidate the heating sheet production quality.

Drum Unit Workshop

Our Drum Unit Workshop was established in 2008.It uses an assembly line, which produces 3,500-4,500 pieces every month. Abiding by ISO 10000 clean room control standards, we strictly control the testing of products. The qualification rate in this workshop is more than 99.7%, the detection rate is 100%, and the inspection qualification rate is 99.99%. Development of drum units is based upon original standards of OEM drum units to ensure that our products reach at least 90% of their efficiency and at least 80% of their lifespan. There are 20 employees in the Drum Unit Workshop, including 2 senior technicians and 2 intermediate technicians. The workshop is gradually developing into an intelligently-equipped and convenient production process.

Fuser Film Workshop

Our Fuser Film Workshop was established in 2012, and has fifteen working staff members now. Their main responsibility is to produce metal-based fuser films, as well as upper and lower scraping rollers. This workshop's monthly output is 7,000 pieces. Since its establishment, this clean, ISO4 (grade 10000) production site has introduced an automatic adhesive tape machine, a PFA automaton, a high-precision automatic spreading machine, a leveling machine, a dust-leveling oven, an automatic coating machine, a vacuum hole mixer, and other high-tech equipment. All raw materials are exported from the United States and Japan, which ensures stable product quality. With stringent testing systems and visual inspections, the qualification rate of CET fuser films products reaches more than 96%. In 2013, the workshop began to tap into larger-sized fixing films with high intensity and long-lives. The development of these products has improved CET's ability to increase the longevity of metal-based fixing films.

Rubber Workshop

Founded in 1999, our Rubber Workshop is one of CET's older workshops. Currently, there are ten staff members working there. This workshop produces various rollers, including pick-up rollers, charging rollers, foam rollers, etc. It also produces several different types of rubber-made products at a maximum rate of 250,000 pieces per month. We have self-made mechanical tools that manufacture twill products, which helps make our products look the same as the OEM.

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