Kaliningrad City “Instructional Tour” by CET Group Russia: Offsite Distributor Event

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In every adventure, as we all know, the main thing is good company! And CET Russia was in the good company of their key distributors for their “CET Group Kaliningrad City Instructional Tour” event. The distributors took part in an annual marketing program earning points to be able to participate in the event. CET Russia gave their guests a thorough and enjoyable tour of Kaliningrad with the same attention to detail that they put into their instructional videos. Here are their step-by-step tour “instructions”

Kaliningrad Video Handbook

Step 1: Selection of Components

The offsite event took place from May 24 to 27 in Kaliningrad and its environs. Distributors from various regions of Russia and Armenia participated. The "instructions" were given in a unique way by immersing everyone in the special atmosphere of the city and allowing them the opportunity to be with colleagues in an informal setting.

The journey began in the city center with a picturesque walk along the Pregolya River.

We celebrated the arrival of all the guests with dinner and a jazz concert in the wonderful company of congenial people.

Step 2: Historical Immersion

Kaliningrad is a city with a unique atmosphere, location and rich past. The participants visited the districts of the city, including the central one, which suffered the least damage during WWII, so many buildings of that era are preserved. The group was especially inspired by the area of old German villas, Amalienau, a garden city and the historical center of Kaliningrad. The area is known for its picturesque villas owned by prominent figures of Königsberg. It should be noted that the weather gave a special dynamic to the trip, showing almost all of its moods. But in spite of that - the mood was high.

Locals say: "If you don't like the weather, wait 15 minutes."

The immersion in the atmosphere of the city was also helped by the historical heroes, who artistically conveyed the details of their lives.

In the cozy atmosphere after the walk, the participants tasted local marzipan and experienced family life, recreated in a museum apartment in 1912 house.

The last "step" of the day's immersion in the history of Königsberg was an evening at the castle, where the group witnessed a jousting tournament.

Nesselbek is a medieval knight's castle, recreated according to old drawings, as an exact copy of the fortress of the Teutonic Order.

Everyone appreciated the skills displayed and rooted for their heroes with enthusiasm.

The end of the evening was literally fiery! After all, the masters of the fire show performed for us.

As is expected in a castle – there was a feast.

Step 3: Natural Beauty

The CET team went to the Curonian Spit National Park. Scientists call the Curonian Spit "the museum of natural zones". The landscape here is so diverse, from birch forests to sandy deserts. On every kilometer, a new view opens up, deciduous and coniferous forests, endless bird colonies and sand dunes. The team visited delightful locations, the Dancing Forest and the Viking Village.

The group climbed to Efe Heights and appreciated stunning views from the upper observation deck. The deck oversees panoramic views of the surroundings, including the Baltic Sea, the Curonian Lagoon, forest plantations and nearby fishing villages.

Step 4: Final Stage

The final, but no less striking stage of the "CET instructions" was a trip to the coast and dinner overlooking the sea. A delightful sunset gave a special charm to the evening.

CET Group believes that the Kaliningrad City Instruction Tour was not only informative (like instructional videos from CET Group Russia), but also a memorable event for everyone!

By the way, the team mastered another profession during their stay in Kaliningrad. Now they are amber craftsmen. Once again, we come to the same conclusion – people in the spare parts and consumables business are good with their hands!

CET Group hopes that in the future even more distributors and partners will take part in CET marketing programs and activities! Don't forget to follow the CET Group news and actively participate in various promotions and events!

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