CET Group develops longer life Paper Pickup and Separation Rollers for HP M607 series

Published:2021-02-18  Views:0

CET Group is pleased to announce new, long life polyurethane paper pickup and separation rollers for use in HP Enterprise M607/608/609, HP Enterprise M631/632/633, and HP Enterprise Flow MFP M631/632/633 series machines.

The new polyurethane rollers passed a variety of rigorous tests achieving over 65,000 prints and far exceeding the life of other standard, rubber type rollers currently in the market. The new rollers will help improve the reliability of laser printers in the field, with far greater mean time and prints between service calls. The CET paper feed rollers also come with a textured surface pattern, which provides better paper handling over the life of the product.

The fuser maintenance kits and fuser units for these machines are designed to operate for 140,000 prints, requiring the paper feed rollers to be replaced twice during the life of the fuser. Service departments looking to lower costs and extend the life of their feed rollers can now use CET's new polyurethane replacement rollers to achieve these objectives.

The new, long life polyurethane paper feed rollers have been patented by CET.

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