Annual Speech from the President | CET 25 Years

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Steven Ma - CET Founder, President & CEO

Dear CET Team,

2020 --- COVID-19 pandemic has made this year extremely extraordinary!

A year of unpredictable and tests, separation and reunion, fight and compromise.

A year of great love and responsibility, collapse and courage, kindness and humanity.

All of us have witnessed, experienced and survived this pandemic so far, and this experience will become an indelible chapter in our life! We all feel so fortunate that our courage and diligence have made us coped well this crisis, and we are well-prepared and confident to move into 2021!

2020 has been an unprecedentedly challenging year for people all over the world. We at CET have been fighting and working our hardest through each of every day and month, and we have overcome the most difficult time and created many miracles!

2020 we have seen too many unpredictable misfortunes and catastrophes. From Wuhan to Italy, then to the United States and South America, the pandemic has taken lives and livelihoods from so many ordinary people! The world is constantly changing, and many people have left and lost their loved ones forever!

Under this special environment, CET has never stopped and just waited for the market to recover or waited for refreshing from the new year. We are on the move all the time! We have launched a good number of upgraded products and new projects this year, and at the same time, we have adjusted our organization structure and let more professional teams join CET to work with us by optimizing roles people can best play. Under all that massive chaos caused by pandemic, we do not feel we have to stay panic and anxious about the uncertainties of our future, instead the future is for us to act now, step by step, and we must get things done and done well to have a brighter future!

This year we have been dedicated to implementing our new management system. All CET employees and teams have participated the training process, and this new system will guide each employee to work towards the right direction and follow the right standard, from making a small toolbox to managing a department. All CET team have acquired new and practical knowledge and concepts to improve their work efficiency and effectiveness. We can never stop learning, a new knowledge, or a new skill, learning has enriched our experience, and helped us to view and understand the world better!

Everyone at CET did not give up during those unexpected obstacles and difficult predicaments, as we know giving up, and by definition it's a failure. Persist, pivot, and persevere, and there's hope for navigating new successful path and achieving the best turnarounds. Everyone as CET fought hard towards the same sense of shared purpose, turning crisis into opportunities and possibilities, and sharpening our competitiveness edge and leadership within the industry.

The evolution of a team

Team development and evolution are the key to the success of a company, and this process is the same as the any forms of lives, evolution never ends! CET has been in this evolution journey as well with continued and sustained growth, along with imperative strategical changes and transforms. Without this evolution journey, a company cannot keep growing, expanding and getting stronger!

This year most businesses have experienced the same challenges on how to survive and how to continue their business during this special time. Our shared goal at CET is not only to overcome this crisis, but also get ready for the future development! Resilience -- is an essential factor for each of us and CET Group.

From the perspective of long-term evolution theory, the starting level of each enterprise doesn't really matter the final performance and outcome, but their evolving and execution competency do matter-how their sustainability and development model work in front of fiercely competitive marketplace.

Once the business development strategy is confirmed, the right competitive strategy plays a vital role to company's survival, and it is the tactic to win the battle in short and long term. Evolution also means the evolution of the organizational functionalities, its ability and vitality. The lack of managerial competence has been an issue for many companies so far, and this competence can only be improved through human resource development, effective learning, training, and boosting knowledge sharing of the team!

Business leaders take major responsibility of leading the long-term evolution of the company, and they need to lead the organization with evolutionary visions, pursuing missions, clear strategies, practical agilities, and visionary values.

Turning crisis into opportunities

Self-sufficiency has supported us to navigate and overcome each crisis in CET's history, including this one from the pandemic. A strong company with great foundation is just like a big healthy tree with full branches, flourish leaves and deep roots, so it can endure and survive from all windstorms.

To continue sustaining our business, we have been prioritizing our investment on core technologies, so we are able to tackle all those technological challenges on new products development with self-independency and innovation. There are no boundaries of knowledge, and we always encourage and promote learning across teams within our organization with open mind. We have those resources available for us to learn from other advanced management systems and technologies, which will fit CET's overall management principles and values.

During times of great uncertainty, we did not waste any of our time to passively wait for the recovery of the market, instead we were quickly innovating ourselves, and exploring new opportunities and path for our business development.

We have gone through the darkest time and achieved the best turnarounds, and all of those would not happen if without CET people's perseverance, persistence, diligent work, integrity, and professional experience! We are together in this crisis, with our customers and clients worldwide! We trust, inspire, and support each other to get out from the darkness! We are a community with a shared future. This is the touching culture of CET, and it is also the characteristic of CET's corporate spirit.

Things can be inadequate, wisdoms can be unknown

A foot may prove to be short, and an inch may prove to be long. Anything may have the part of shortage, even wise people may have the things that they don't understand. We should be authentic to our hearts and represent ourselves as independent individuals. We might not get understood by others, and it is not necessary to force others to understand us as well!

Why have some people already had very profound thoughts and mind-sets at their young age? As it is said "smooth sailings made bad sailors", only in hard times can courage and perseverance be manifested, and those who have been through tough times and difficult experiences, and survived and learned, will surely become tougher and stronger! Our life and experience have shaped who we are, and those who have experienced will understand our lives!

CET Group has accomplished its business journey for 24 years, a quarter of a century! That is a long time for an organization to endure. We have experienced different storms over the last 24 years, including those unique and unprecedented challenges in 2020! Moving forward, I believe CET will be more resilient and stronger!

Step into the 25th year of CET

At last, as the CEO of CET Group I want to extend my sincere gratitude to all of you. Thank you everyone for your continued hard work and commitment to CET! Thank you everyone for your unswerving support and following me on CET's 25 years anniversary! Meanwhile, all of us should feel grateful and thank ourselves for staying well and strong, survived 2020, and never giving up!

2021 is already shaping up to be a new adventure with brand new wishes and challenges. Wish all the good things come to us as planned! Hope we CET people live and work with full passion and wisdom in this New Year. I will be more grateful, determined, courageous, and confident to lead CET team as we make entry into 2021!

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