The Fight Against COVID-19, CET Support

Published:2020-04-08  Views:0

Since March, COVID-19 has spread rapidly across the world and now many are going through what we experienced. Although we are still recovering, we at CET take our responsibilities seriously to provide unfailing support to our global partners and to work together through these difficult times.

CET operates in over 200 countries and regions including hardest hit areas such as Europe and North America. As many of our partners are fighting the coronavirus, CET headquarters and its overseas branches are coordinating efforts to collect and distribute thousands of masks to our customers in 29 countries including Italy, Spain, Poland, Germany and France sent with our heartfelt wishes for their safety.

▲ CET Singapore's letter to a partner

In view of the shortage of medical protective equipment, CET has also contacted professional medical material manufacturers to provide overseas partners as much support as we can to help them turn the corner.

▲ CET employees package and ship medical supplies

Customers around the world responded kindly to CET's efforts, expressing their feelings through emails and phone calls. A South African partner said "A great initiative from CET!" "We hope to follow your country in beating the spread of the virus with good action and discipline."

CET believes in our mission of "your success is our priority" and strives to support all of our customers. We not only hope to share the fruits of our common development, but also to face challenges and difficulties together. CET and its partners are a community and we face this crisis together.

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