CET's Commitment: Protect our employees and ensure continued service to our customers

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As most know, the coronavirus COVID-19, emerged during the Chinese Spring Festival. In the national battle against the epidemic, CET Group received proof of "Lands apart, sky shared", by customers' condolences and care sent from different countries and regions around the world. We would like to express our sincere thanks to everyone.

CET Group is based on service to our international customers. No matter how severe the situation is, it is our commitment and responsibility to provide customers with high-quality products and service. We are confident that we will overcome the current difficulties and we will ensure continued product quality, supply chain and timely delivery. Toward that end CET Group is taking five major steps:

01. Prevention planning and immediate implementation

Before the resumption of work, CET's middle and senior leaders set up an epidemic prevention and control team to plan and implement emergency measures. These include tracking returning Beijing personnel, factory disinfection, and personal protection of employees. For our employees' protection they are wearing masks daily, testing their temperature 3 times a day, and avoiding close contact with other people. There is also strict monitoring of those coming in and out of the factory. We want to ensure the health and safety of employees to the greatest extent possible and to ensure that production is carried out in an orderly manner.

02. Resumption of production and smooth service

Most of the sales teams and managers in Beijing have resumed work and are taking orders, responding to inquiries as well as providing market support. Due to traffic blockades and restrictions in some areas, people who cannot reach the company physically are working online. Our dedicated employees are committed to be at their posts to ensure smooth service for you in spite of the difficulties we face.

03. Network of overseas branches ensures quick response and support

CET Group has a number of established overseas branches in the United States, Russia, Dubai, etc. When the epidemic started, our global supply chain network was triggered to take on some of headquarters' responsibilities to continue to provide customers with support and services around the world.

04. Pre-holiday stock production ensures quick recovery

In order to meet the demand after the Spring Festival holiday, CET has always adjusted production in the fourth quarter of the previous year by increasing raw material procurement, arranging for more production and more inventory to ensure that supply can be guaranteed after the long holiday. Therefore, most product categories have plenty of inventory. For products that are temporarily out of stock, our production is gradually recovering, and stock levels will continue to increase.

05. Automated production line is actively playing an effective role during the epidemic

Most of CET's production equipment is automated, so we do not rely as much on human labor in the production process. We only place staff on the production line for some key technologies. Production is currently running smoothly.

CET Group is confident and capable of meeting the challenges the epidemic poses. At this time, we would like to thank all of our customers and friends from all over the world for your understanding and support. In the end, we hope that not only spring will come, but we will be able to celebrate with you after the epidemic!

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