“Colorful CET Toner: Stand out in the World” Toner Exhibition Conference - Achieved Great Success in Zhuhai

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On October 13th, 2019, the "Colorful CET Toner: Stand out in the World" Toner Exhibition Conference was held in Zhuhai Renheng InterContinental Hotel. The event was sponsored by both CET Group and CET Guangzhou branch.

Steven Ma, president of CET Group; Tony Xie, general manager of CET Guangzhou branch; John McCracken, CET technical director; and Dr. Xiong Li, manager of CET R&D center presented. Hu Feng, President of Guangdong Modern Office Equipment Association; Luo Shuang, President of Guangzhou Modern Office Equipment Industry Chamber; Li Guanglian, president of Recycling times; 20 influential guests and over 300 participants in the same industry were also in attendance.

Tony Xie warmly welcomed the guests, and introduced the theme of the conference – "Colorful CET Toner: Stand out in the World". Since CET entered into conventional toner production they have continued to learn the advanced R&D and production technology from the world's leading conventional toner manufacturers. CET is dedicated to master the new technologies of the color era and produce high quality toners for their global customers.

Steven Ma noted that business globalization and technology innovation are accelerating. Companies have to develop the ability to quickly produce high quality and reliable products to gain success in the global market. At the same time they must maintain integrity and stop the cutthroat competition within the industry. The ethics of "symbiotic relationships, win-win and joint development" should be supported. CET has held these values for the past 23 years and has shared them with their partners.

Steven also shared his experience and goals as an entrepreneur. Steven said that one must have strong focus to withstand the wild ride of creating a business. But if you are open and dedicated you will succeed and inspire others to do the same. CET hopes work together with all its partners and influence each of them positively to bring about their own success.

Dr Xiong Li from the CET R&D center spoke about the work done at CET Group Japan. Taking over the MCHT conventional toner production line and production technology in Japan has increased CET's investment in conventional toner R&D and production. CET Group Japan also pursues high-tech talent regularly to maintain and grow their professional R&D and production teams. These efforts strengthen the enterprise's core competitiveness and provide CET customers with higher quality conventional toner.

CET's technical director John McCracken has over 30 years experience in the industry with both OEM and compatible products. His expertise covers research and development, quality control and testing in the lab as well as in the field. John's presentation focused on CET compatible toners for use in Canon, Sharp, Konica Minolta and Kyocera machines. John provided detailed analysis of the advantages of CET toner, which include quality raw materials, sophisticated toner formulation and high technology production. Referring to a large amount of practical data, he explained that the high quality of CET products comes from dedicated R&D, rigorous testing and quality control.

The presentation ended with Zhao Lingyun the sales manager of CET Group Guangzhou Branch announcing new sales policies and introducing many new products.

Based on Caofeidian Imaging Technology Center and Conventional Toner Production Line of CET Japan, CET will advance R&D technology and enhance production line layout over the next five to ten years. CET partners can rely on the CET global sales service network to provide them with excellent service and quality products to help them thrive in this competitive market.

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