CET Group Hosts and Attends International Industry Conferences

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In April, 2019, CET Group hosted and attended two industry conferences. One was the "CET International Distributor Conference 2019, Dubai" on April 10-12. The other was the "2019 School & Office Expo Accra, Ghana" on April 16-18.

CET International Distributor Conference 2019, Dubai

On April 10-12, CET authorized distributors primarily from Africa, the Middle East and Europe gathered at the Pullman Hotel in Dubai to attend the CET International Distributor Conference 2019, Dubai.

Steven Ma, the President of CET Group, summarized CET's expansion and branding strategies with CET's business partners. CET's recent expansion included the opening of the CET Imaging Technology Industrial Park in Caofeidian, Hebei province, China, on October 16th, 2018. The facility covers a 100,000 square meter area and is designed to meet CET's strategic needs for the next 20 years. Then on April 1, 2018, CET Group acquired the Japanese pulverized toner production lines and technology from Mitsubishi Chemical High-technical Corporation. By integrating the world's top technology and product lines, CET Group is well prepared to be one of the top manufacturers in worldwide OA imaging industry. CET Group plans on achieving growth objectives by breaking technical barriers, exploring new business modes, mastering core technologies and building a complete industrial chain.

Robin Mowatt, the General Manager of CET Group Dubai Branch, then spoke to the CET distributors about the win-win relationship that the CET Group strives for with global partners. Throughout its 20 years of business, the CET Group has established long term friendships all over the world. By providing high quality products, competitive pricing and supportive technical and marketing programs, CET and their partners have witnessed a rapid increase in sales volume. CET Group will continue optimizing market management policies in order to better serve clients. CET Group will continue to apply the win-win principle in the hopes of adding new partners and expanding the CET brand in the future.

▲ Amy from the CET Testing Center explains the technical strength of CET

The CET International Distributor Conference 2019 – Dubai meeting ended with a complementary tour of the surrounding Dubai desert.

2019 School&Office Expo Accra, Ghana

CET Group next participated in the 2019 School&Office Expo, in Accra, Ghana on April 16, 2019. Ghana is an economic power in West Africa, known as the "gold coast". The exhibition attracted hundreds of manufacturers and distributors from more than 20 countries and regions around the world. In addition, thousands of industry players from Ghana and surrounding regions attended in order to establish business connections. The CET Group booth at the exhibition had a constant flow of customers who learned about CET products and services. Many new customers expressed their intent to purchase CET products on the spot.

A few of the products on display at the Expo included CET pulverized toners, CET Patent Pending (CPP) toners, fuser assemblies and spare parts. Some of the highlighted products were new to the Ghana market and have broad market prospects.

CET Group has focused on the OA imaging industry for the last 23 years and is now widely accepted in the global market. New technologies and the changing industrial patterns are creating new challenges and opportunities for the CET Group. Ongoing industry conferences like the one in Dubai and Ghana are important measures taken by CET Group to listen to market feedback, understand customer needs and improve service quality in order to be a world class manufacturer in the global OA imaging industry.

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