The Establishment of CET Group Spain Branch

Published:2017-04-13  Views:0

CET Group has accelerated the implementation of our globalization strategy in the OA industry by completing its merger with the Spanish company REPROVIGO EXPORT, S.L. in April 2017. REPROVIGO EXPORT, S.L., currently one of the top three suppliers in Spain for compatible consumables for copier machines, actively focuses on the Spanish and Portuguese markets. The merger of these two companies will improve the value chain of CET business, from research & development to production to the end user. Consequently, this will bring high-quality CET-compatible products and services to Spanish and Portuguese customers.

CET Group continues to devote itself to innovation of international branch company management. Like our brand-new location in Russia, CET Spain is an overseas branch that will be entirely operated by a local management team. CET Group will empower this team and ensure that their strategies for business management and market development are in line with CET's corporate values of trust. This will prove to be a significant breakthrough in multinational companies' localization of management. Mr. Steven Ma, president of CET group, believes that our management philosophy and corporate culture fosters innovation of enterprise globalization management. Such innovation has proven to be one of the main reasons why CET Group has been among the upper echelon of companies within the OA industry.

Please continue to pay attention to CET Group's globalization strategies. We believe that the future will be very promising!

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